Who: I'm Seth Fisher. I make pictures and tell stories.

What: After much thinking, dreaming, and scheming, I embarked on a journey to direct my first feature film, BLUMENTHAL. The purpose of this little blog is to document and share that journey as candidly as possible.

When: The first blog post starts in the fall of 2010 during the writing phase and continues through to film festivals and distribution (now).


Where: When we started, I lived in New York. After wrapping picture, I moved to Los Angeles where I finished much of the post-production.

Why: Why make a movie? Because I love telling stories just as much as I love seeing and hearing them. Why share the process with the whole world? Because transparency is in. I am also learning that social media is a powerful tool for collaboration and inspiration for all parties. If there was a blog out there that fully chronicled an independent feature film from conception to completion, I would be using it as guidebook and learn from their mistakes and successes.

How: That's the point. I did it. We did itI had no financial backing set for the project when I started the blog, but it's readership helped see it to fruition. I did not own or have meaningful access to equipment or crews. I didn't even have a polished script. All I had is a story that I believed people might enjoy. And even if they don't enjoy it, hopefully they enjoyed reading this blog and watching me try.

***Update*** I finished principal photography for my film in June 2011. But there's still more to do! Keep following for all the gory details.

***Update*** After almost a year of post-production, BLUMENTHAL premiered at the Santa Barbara International Film Festival on Sunday, January 27th,  2013.

***Update*** BLUMENTHAL has closed it's deal for distribution. It will be released in early 2014.

***Update***Following it's theatrical run, BLUMENTHAL is now available on all major VOD platforms (iTunes, Cable VOD, Amzon, Playstation, etc.)